Life consists of beautiful form, tidy structure, flexibility,and power.
When I happen to see nature, I see every kind of living activity.
For example, plants germinate, grow their leaves,absorb sunlight and water, and finally become independent. They are strong enough to resist rain and wind..
Then they mature and bear fruits to produce plenty seeds.
This kind of reproducing system over generation is not only about plants, but about human beings.
It has been carried on endlessly since the birth of the earth although every creature has his own revolution history.
But nowadays, it seems the cycle of nature has been destroyed gradually.
I am getting to feel that it is very important to me to face the nature with deeper consideration.
Twenty years ago when I first saw metal, it looked cold, indifferent and hard to deal with. Then I found it had possibility to show various expressions.
There are many kinds of metals. Most of them can change their shapes by heating, banging, curving, melting and welding
When heated and banged, metal is extended and finally become very thin like paper. It is also possible to make it thick. Metal sculptures can be made very big by welding or have different shapes by being melted mad castled.
Their surface can be brilliant by polishing 。It helps to produce brightness of which color is specific to each metal.
Chemical reaction can also add special effect on colors.
I usually use iron copper, brass and bronze .

Last few years, I have been devoted in casting, thus I have been working more on bronze. Casting is one way of making metal pieces. It uses the property of metal that they melt by heat. Bronze,which is a solid mass in the beginning, is melted and casted into the mold made by sand.
Bronze in the melting pot is so beautiful, almost seducing.
It is like a magic that a solid metal is actually melting.
I never get tired of looking into the melting pot, where I see beauty and mystery.
Inside the pot, there exist the unreal world. Needless to say temperature is over 1000 F, where even a stone can float because bronze has higher specific gravity compared to that of stone.
Of course I could never ignore the danger of accident.
Through these processes, works shows up.
I would like to describe the process of casting in detail in near future.

The more I have chances to display outside, the more Iam getting to consider about 「the place」.
How does the place have the different appearance when my work is settled?
How do the people feel when standing in front of my piece?

I want to show sense of unreal in my works.
Things that are here in this world but do not exist here.

Although it sound tricky, it is based on my opinion that man can be free when he feels he is released from the ordinary world..
I hope my works be always be gentle but stimulating to the people and 「the place」. 

          Masahiro Hasegawa  2001.12.9